E​.​P​.​luribus Falco

by Balkan Falcon

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Recorded at Sir Lord Baltimore December 2-4, 2011 by Justin Day.
Produced by Balkan Falcon & mixed by Justin Day.
Mastered by Branden Funkhouser.
Justin Day played tambourine on 3 & sang on 6.


released April 21, 2012

Matthew Dahl - Bass, vocals
Steve Glickman - Drums, vocals on 3 & 6
Greg Hamilton - Guitars, vocals on 3 & 6



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Balkan Falcon Baltimore, Maryland

Rising from defunct Baltimore rock darlings, Snowmen, Balkan Falcon is a streamlined three-piece featuring smart, hook- filled pop/rock gems exploding onstage 3 minutes at a time. Drum monster Steve Glickman and guitar genius Greg Hamilton run vocalist/bassist Matthew Dahl ragged culminating in perfect pop tension and an ever-present element of unhinged savagery! ... more

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Track Name: Cloverfield
Why'd you bring him? I can do better, oh… let's carry on.
It's my party and I will drink if I want and I want to drink something.

Living from hand to mouth has taken me to Japan.
It echoes from north to south all over Manhattan Island.

The rats, they flow all up under our feet like a fur-clad wave, you know.
Better drop that camera, Hud, before you end up a link on the cosmic evolutionary chain!

My brother's dead. Marlena too. Respectively smashed and exploded.
It echoes from north to south all over Manhattan Island.

Look out there's stairs and nowhere to go but up and over.
It seems like all I ever do is leap from rooftop to rooftop, take the pinion out of your arm.

Living from hand to mouth has taken me to Japan.
The love we had will echo out from Central Park to East Manhattan.
Track Name: Pitted Dates
I heard you been down oh, my baby.
Got words to say to you but not the ones you'd hear.

Yeah, we were makin' out at the quarry.
My hand slid up your dress but you were not a party to that.

Watch the dust don't get in your boots, now
as you're kickin' it up into the sky!

We had an ordeal at the drive-in.
Hot dogs and car alarms, the owner breathin' down my neck.

He said now son you got a lot of nerve there messin' up my show!

Aw, you winsome, loathsome, loser. Greg, just take me on home!
Track Name: Pance Down Dants Down
I was a tight beat-head and I was born to dance.
Well, I was afraid you'd ruin your favorite pants.
I worked real hard on everything we wrote and I told everyone!
Layin' the beat down hard but you ain't under any guns.

I didn't know you'd missed the phone.
Better call me, I'm sitting alone!
I didn't care, I didn't wear.
C'est quoi ce truc, voulez vous danser?

Look out, John. Her hair is looking good! I just said now…
Look out, John. I'm thinkin' that I should…
We did jazz hands on every single fill, on every single one.
I peed an 86 on that dollar bill.

I didn't know you'd missed the phone.
Dance practice at 9. Where did you go?
I didn't care, I didn't dare
As long as you shake that derrière!
Track Name: Tommy Roe
I wonder what it'd be like to get to know Tommy Roe.
Can't say but it gotta be better than Billy Joel.
The old man don't talk to what we wanna hear, oh…
Cold funk, new junk, old wave, generation, oh…

I take my Sweet Pea out to places where the lights are low.
Jump the curb up over the median to get her home.
I feel so Dizzy swinging her around just so.
Let's eat more sushi, have ourselves a maki roll.

And we'd sing: Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, baddop bah, da bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, baddop bah.
Track Name: Cora Jane
Cora Jane thought she'd take a break,
leave her body become a ghost
and all the acolytes she would make
on her way down to the coast…

She rode that wave like no one else,
surfer's body, surfer's soul.
But on one thing she did not count:
she didn't have those surfer's bones.

Bound and loosed at the same time,
she was pushed up through the foam.
Leaping from the crest she cried,
"I will be carried home!"
Track Name: 1x1 Plan
She took her friends down.
She had a 1x1 plan to get them all and make 'em see it her way.

She pushes everyone until she's justified,
Sendin' out texts just to feel like she's alive.
And under great duress she has a heart attack,
Her mind and body unified to get those fuckers back.

All that's left to say is, "I'm so pitiful! Life's so terrible!"
What a horrible way to go!

I think it's time for you to go home,
Make a better life alone and with your parents.
I think it's time that I should go home,
Make a better life alone and with my parents.

Oh, she pushes everyone to feel more justified
And she will say so long with a noose in mind.